I nove miliardi di nomi di Google

I giovani ragazzi di oggi, forse, un domani racconteranno ai propri figli questa storia.

"You know what Google is?"
"Yes," I said. I was running low on patience.
"No, I mean, do you really know? More than just the site?"

Reluctantly, I shook my head. [...]

"It's still a part of the internet, though."
"No. Now, the internet is a part of Google."

The man had a point. I nodded.

"Here's the thing. Google has memorized who you are. It's memorized all of us, through those little forgotten bits that we leave behind like breadcrumbs. And what's more important, it's memorized it's own idea of you. Google is omniscient. It's omniscient and omnipotent. When it cached its cache for the first time, back in 1994, that's when Google realized what it was."

The Nine Billion Names Of God by Kathy Kachelries (September 12th, 2005).